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Calendar for families

can we make a feature that allows families to see their home visit calendar on teleroo gateway and a notification to let them know when an appointment is upcoming?

  • Karianne Baxandall
  • Mar 30 2017
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  • Chloë Carpenter commented
    May 9, 2017 19:20

    Yes, and can we see the calendar too so we know when families have visits with other clinicians! Good idea Karianne! 

  • Brianna Vanden Ende commented
    May 30, 2017 18:01

    Personally, I think this would just create more work for us and it is more efficient to make sure at the end of a home visit that the family writes down their home visits in the calendar that they use the most often (e.g., their phone, fridge calendar etc.). Teaching a family to use another new software program in addition to everything else they need to learn when starting a specialize service program will just be overwhelming for them. Families who already have difficulty using a calendar system of their own will have just as much difficulty using a new KU calendar system. Also, we can already check when clinicians are going out via the outlook calendar. Sorry to shut this one down :( Just feeling like I would not use this function, and that it would actually create more work and disrupt current workflow that works quite well for most families. You can also invite families to the home visit events that already exist in your outlook calendar and they can accept those into the calendar that they already have on their phone and use for all their other events and appointments. 

  • Brianna Vanden Ende commented
    July 13, 2017 17:55

    I had another thought about this. It would be a really helpful feature if the calendar in gateway could be linked to Outlook somehow so that it would automatically fill in the families calendar when we invited them or something??