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make 'home page' on gateway the media tab

When we and/or families log onto Gateway, the 'home' page is the "boards" page. Families get confused when they don't see their videos posted that they just uploaded. Can we make the 'home' page be the 'media' section so that when families log onto their account, the first thing they see is the things that have been uploaded? I understand that the 'boards' tab is supposed to be a simpler version and sort of notification center for things to see quickly but having 2 separate sections like this disrupts work flow and is quite confusing for families.


I think it would be much simpler to have everything in 1 section (i.e., do not separate boards and media) and then if something is new to have a notification menu like Facebook that would have a red number and then a drop down list and then you can click the notification from the list that you want to see. Once you click the notification, it will link you to the one spot where that media is stored.


If everything is in one section the 'conversation' can be listed right next to the video in the 'media' section.  

  • Brianna Vanden Ende
  • Jul 13 2017
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